Bread of The Week

How Does it Work?

We're proud to announce our new program: Bread of the Week! 

This Week: Cinnamon Apple Pecan Twist Bread

$8 for 1 loaf and $14 for 2 loaves 

Order now! Choose pick up or delivery for Friday, Saturday,  Sunday, or Monday  of this week!  

How Does it Work? 

Every Wednesday we will announce our Bread of the Week. At this point you can order online by sending an inquiry through the link that says Order Now.  Include number of loaves you would like  to purchase and when you would like to receive your bread on Friday,  Saturday, or Sunday. We  will confirm your order with a follow up email.

When Should I Order My Bread? 

You can order anytime after we have announced what the bread is for the week. The deadline is Thursday at 5pm or until supplies last.

When Can I Get My Bread? 

The question should be when do you want your bread? We will work with you to figure out a time on Friday,  Saturday, or Sunday to get a freshly baked loaf of bread in your hands. We offer pickup or delivery.

Is There A Delivery Charge? 

If you are within a 5 mile radius there is no delivery charge. All customers outside a 5 mile radius will be charged a small fee depending on where you are located.

What Will This Cost Me?

 Varies depending on the type of bread.

How Much is Too Much Bread? 

Ha ha. Trick question. There is no such thing! So start figuring out how many loaves you will order this week!

Order Now

Follow the link below to start your order now.